A new start sign…concept for New Era, New beginning, renewed Start, new Life, etc.

Once you’ve become a part of the wedding community you’ll hear (or see written), multiple acronyms used by venues and other wedding professionals that can be totally confusing if you’ve never come across them before. Here’s your cheat sheet to give you a leg up. It’s not all-inclusive, but these are the little buggers that will come up most often. With a little practice you’ll be tossing them about with abandon.
MOB-not to be confused with gangsters, it the Mother of the Bride.
FOB-you guessed it, that’s the bride’s dad.
MOH-maid (or matron) of honor.
BM-the groom’s best man.
FG-that cute little flower girl.
RB-the cute little boy who is the ring bearer, or maybe it’s the couple’s cocker spaniel.
MUA-make up artist.
DIY-you know this one: it’s the bride who wants to save money by doing it all herself.
BEO-Banquet Event Order: this is a contract with the venue that outlines every detail of the event.
BYW-a wedding held in the back yard of a home.

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