A friend of mine, Alan Katz, is a wedding officiant who stands out from the crowd. Among the many reasons he is so popular is the trunk of his car (believe it or not), which is like an emergency kit on steroids.

From time to time he tells stories of the times where he has saved the day when the bride and groom or one of the other vendors has forgotten or misplaced, or broken something vital for the ceremony. I’ve heard tales of his supplying extension cords, unity candles, sand for the sand ceremony, and countless other items.

Recently he told of a wedding when the florist didn’t deliver 8 leis that the couple had planned to exchange with each other and their 6 children. Out of the Trunk of Wonder came 8 sets of kakui nut and silk leis.

As wedding planners, we need to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies during the reception as well as the ceremony. Is your emergency kit stocked with everything you might ever need, from smelling salts to cake knives?



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