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Planners everywhere are aware of the fact that outdoor weddings can be thrown off balance by rain showers. You do know how to check the weather report – right? Well, this isn’t about putting together a backup plan in case of rain, it’s about those days when there’s absolutely no chance in the world for a single drop to fall marring the day.
I’m talking about the SUN. That’s right, Old Sol, can cause problems as well if you aren’t careful.
The most obvious warning I’ll give is to make sure that the bride and her maids are wearing enough sun screen to cover their necks and shoulders, because those strapless dresses won’t keep them from turning into lobster look-alikes when they hit the dance floor later.
On midsummer days, the chairs will be set up long prior to the ceremony and have lots of time to become hot and uncomfortable for the guests. If you foresee this as being a problem, start thinking of ways to shield them until right before time for the guests to be seated.
On the same note, there are companies that rent parasols that can be provided for the guests to use to keep those rays from melting their makeup and the perspiration from flattening their coiffures.
Photographers will tell you that being aware of the time that the sun will set is vitally important. They need enough light for photos after the ceremony when there might not be enough time to set up the proper flash equipment for Aunt Edna’s face to show up in the family photos. I know of a wedding planner who does a number of outdoor weddings every year and she posts a calendar on her website to show sunset times though out the summer months. While you may not want to do that, it’s not a bad idea to be aware of those times yourself.
So, now you can see that rain is not the only situation that can cause problems. Then there’s the wind – But that’s another story.

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