My Husband and I are currently part of a project that involves working with architects, and the whole experience has been extremely stressful for us, due to the fact that they don’t seem to have an accurate picture of what we’re trying to accomplish.
They keep coming up with elaborate (i.e. expensive) ideas of what they’d like to do, with no concept of how inappropriate those things really are for where we live.
This whole misunderstanding could have been avoided if we had been more specific at the very beginning about what we had in mind, and if they had asked us more questions about what we hope the finished project would be like.
What does this have to do with weddings? Well basically everything. As planners we need to ask our clients from the start what their vision of the wedding is like. You’ll find that they may have trouble describing it to you and will say something like, “I want it to be simple, but elegant”. It then becomes your job to ask them questions that will help them to communicate to you what “simple but elegant” means to them.
Does “simple” mean a reception in the back yard, or are they thinking that “simple” means only two bridesmaids? Before you know the answers to these questions you can’t really begin to come up with plans that will thrill them.
Many planners present potential clients with a detailed questionnaire that is called the “Intake Form”. While this asks for basic information (email, phone number, etc.) it also asks for the couple’s vision for the day, with very, very specific questions. Each planner has a unique intake form and I periodically revise my own when I come up with new topics to be added to the whole. It’s not too soon to start putting together your own set of questions so that you’ll be ready to suggest things that will be exactly what they were looking for.

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